What Is A Mobile-First Design?

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What Is A Mobile-First Design?

The number of mobile phone users worldwide has gone up to one billion, from 4.1 billion to 4.93 in the past 5 years. Kids,adults and even old people are using smartphones nowadays. Even While standing in a queue people are using their mobile phones. Nowadays  It’s very necessary to make your app or website user-friendly on mobile screening. This makes your website get a higher chance of reaching worldwide and increasing the number of users.

At the Mobile World Congress held in 2010,  Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google suggested that Web designers should follow the “mobile first” rule while building product design. Mobile-first strategy helps UX designers create a consistent user experience across all devices leading to better reach.

Mobile-First Design concept

Mobile first design is a web designing strategy Which says that when you create a website or app, you should start prototyping and sketching from the smallest screen first and then work your way up to larger screens. It’s mainly about delivering the effective user experience to the right device. UX designers must prioritize content as the most important aspects of a website or app.

Mobile websites were not given importance in the past years. It is considered as an additional process of designing. Then the decline of desktop users and increase in mobile users worldwide made designers give more priority on mobile websites. Designers concentrated more on building user friendly websites or apps.

Advantages of mobile first Design

  • Today over 50% of internet users are from mobile devices. The most important rule in Marketing is to target the audience on where they are. Since mobile users are increasing rapidly it makes sense to start your Design from mobile Design dimensions and optimize the site content based on consumer conventions.
  • Mobile first Design focuses more on optimizing content and information. Since you don’t have enough space on a mobile screen you have to choose quality content and avoid unnecessary content.This makes your website look neat and better. In fact, Working on mobile- First Design will make you a better designer.
  • Compared to desktop websites, Mobile Websites are easy with simple codes. As you progressively enhance, you can have more contents and complexities but the code remains the same. This helps to concentrate more on the user interface.
  • Users interact with mobile sites rather than desktop sites.The better the UX, the more likely users are to visit your website and your conversation rate higher.When you build a website specially for mobile, you can create a user experience that’s designed for mobile, not just adapted from desktop.
  • Creating the mobile Design First will help you to optimize your load time. One second delay will reduce your conversation by 7% according to the survey. Reducing load time helps to increase conversion rate and rank higher on Google SEO.


We should get adopted according to the changes that happen in our society. Since, people are engaged in mobile phones, Concentrating more on mobile websites will help you to get a higher chance of reaching more audiences worldwide. Designers should start from designing small screen devices. Which helps them to create a better website with quality elements.



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