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Digital Wordings have a wide selection of domain name endings. It will help you to stand out on the web. Grab potential clients with an attractive and well-known domain name. We can host your website with our high-speed hosting service at a low and affordable cost structure.

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Exclusive Hosting Features

The whole service expertise of Digital Wordings are translated into useful insights for the aim of setting the hosting service standards. Enhance the user experience of your business website with the super-fast hosting service.

High Bandwidth

Digital Wordings will ensure site speed at each level with the high network speed of the hosting service. No network throttling will be available with the hosting functionality.

512 MB RAM

Digital Wordings hosting service can offer you superfast hosting functionality with a comprehensive 512MB RAM.

Low latency

With our prolonged expertise we have developed a standard procedure for hosting your website. Now you can enjoy high-speed hosting with low latency of 50ms with our hosting.

SSD storage

We make your website content load faster with our smart SSD storage. Now you can load up your website with any quantity of content with the aid of our SSD storage.


We offer superior speed by compressing your HTTP messages with HTTPS 2.0. It uses advanced compression called HPACK which can avoid any redundancies.


Digital Wordings Hosting can ensure the online security of sensitive content available on your website with SSL certification. It can encrypt your data to transfer it safely on a network.

Make Your Choice with Our Server Ranges

We have several server options for businesses of all scales. Pick the one that works best for your company portal.

Dedicated Server

Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting

How We Manage Our Hosting Service?

We make your website function properly by keeping it updated. Digital Wordings ensures the efficiency of the web page with the following protocols.

Keeping everything up to date

To Cope Up with Digital technology, We manage our hosting service by keeping updated.

Constant Security Scanning

Your online presence is safer and more secure with our frequent scanning choice.

Malware Identification and removal

We ensure the security of your site with our live malware identification and removal ability.

HTTPS redirects

We make your website more responsive with our superior HTTPS redirects.

SSL Certifications

Now your transactions and network connectivity are safer with SSL certifications.

Uptime Monitoring

Digital Wordings hosting can reduce the downtime of your site with uptime monitoring.

Frequent backups

We ensure the online safety of all your website content with our frequent backup options.

The above protocols are related to the server software. It is not related to application hosted.

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Why Choose Us

Digital Wordings has various hosting solutions that are quite quick. It can increase the effectiveness of your online portal and lower your website's bounce rate. The service's unique capabilities are listed below.


We make your website responsive and engaging with our super fast hosting service.


We can secure your online presence with its superior security protocols.

Ease of Usage

We make your hosting tasks easier with our simple and effective hosting procedures.


We offer top-end hosting services at an affordable cost for businesses of scale.

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