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Now Anyone Can Own A Powerful ERP on the Planet Even With Small Budget

Streamline your business operations with Digital Wordings ERP. Our software allows you to easily manage and automate your business activities, from setup and billing to traditional commercial operations.

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Automate Your Business

Our ERP solutions can make your business processes hyperfast. We have high-potential ERP software that can well integrate with your actual business process. By using our ERP technology to manage your business operations, you can maintain your peace of mind.

  • More options for retrieving and storing structured data.  Paperless in every way.
  • May monitor your company activity and produce reports in real time.
  • Ensure that the company can utilise its resources to the fullest.
  • Process management is now quite straightforward.
  • ERP may provide flexible process management.

Essential ERP Features

We designed our ERP service to include all the necessary features for enhancing the intelligence of your company. Digital Wordings has a comprehensive experience in enterprise resource planning. We have extracted a successful strategy, useful for businesses and crafted our ERP solution according to that.

Dash Board

We craft a dynamic website with supreme capabilities for our clients. Businesses can customize their websites without the assistance of the developer. We offer a complete bundle of content management systems for managing everything related to your business website.


We offer a Super fast server for hosting your website with significantly lower latency. Now you can engage your clients and reduce the bounce rate with the superior page loading speed of the website.


Make your presence known online by using your website's enhanced SEO capabilities. We craft business websites with all SEO tools available. Clients can avail of the essential SEO tools in all the packages.

To Do

We create your business website with more creative ideas that make it unique. Your website will have more than 100 elements and unlimited possibilities to reach global clients. We can craft any type of design with any level of attributes.

Time Line

Now you can stay relaxed with our AMC package. We protect your website from any online threats, hacking, and virus if you opt for our affordable AMC subscription.


Now you can stay relaxed with our AMC package. We protect your website from any online threats, hacking, and virus if you opt for our affordable AMC subscription.

Many more superior features available

Integrated Modules

Digital Wordings can offer more than 500 modules to integrate with your business. Each module will have unique abilities and can aid your business activities with ease.

Financial Accounting

Managing company accounts is a tedious task when performed manually. Now with Digital Wordings ERP solutions, you can automate the entire accounting task with ease and comfort. Smaller business enterprises cannot afford highly sophisticated SAP systems as they are much more expensive. Our ERP solutions are a perfect and economical replacement for complex and costly SAP systems.

We can help you out with the following accounting issues. 

Asset Management

Now keeping a record of your company assets is made easy. With our superior ERP solutions, you can maintain fixed asset records and manage their depreciations, sales, and disposal. The Digital Wordings ERP can track your assets and record employees’ using them. 

Our ERP solutions can generate reports based on the status of the assets. The following are useful reports that can help you track the status of your assets.

Buying and Selling

We can innovate your sales communication with your customers with our smart ERP solutions. ERP can track and keep a record of the value that drives sales for future reference. The insights will be organized and stored in a searchable format.

Digital Wordings ERP can help you in the following Buying and selling tasks.

Stock and Inventory

The stock items that companies acquire represent a significant portion of their available capital. You can constantly keep track of inventory levels, restocking, purchasing, selling, and a lot more with Digital Wordings ERP solutions.

Our ERP systems’ Stock or Inventory module aids you in

HR and Payroll

Digital Wordings ERP can cover all the processes related to the company’s HR department. It can make it possible for all HR tasks to be done more quickly and comfortably. Our ERP solutions can help you with the following HR tasks.

Digital Wordings ERP can help you in the following Buying and selling tasks.

Project Management

Digital Wordings can offer you a task-driven project management ERP system. You can divide the project into tasks to manage your project using ERP. The features of our project management module ERP are given below.

Our ERP systems’ Stock or Inventory module aids you in


Our ERP manufacturing solution is the one-stop solution for all your manufacturing business attributes. Digital Wording can help manufacturers in Warehousing, Workstation, machine operation, planning and execution, and many more tasks.


With the use of Digital Wordings ERP, you can keep track of business opportunities from leads and customers, as well as quote them and place orders.

ERP Process

With our wide expertise and skillset, we have crafted a standard protocol that can benefit your business. Check out the intelligent process of Digital Wording to enhance your business outcomes.

1.Defining the Scope

2.Analyzing Requirements

3.Migrating the Mapping Data

4.Testing the System

5.Training End Users

6.Software Deployment

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