How To Boost Site Speed By Changing Icons

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How To Boost Site Speed By Changing Icons

Everyone prefers quick and fast responses from the internet. If your website takes more time to load your audience will jump from your page to your competitors page. Don’t give your Chance to someone else. Make sure your website takes less time to load on your user devices. You can optimize your website speed by many ways such as Reducing unimportant contents, compressing images, removing unnecessary stuff from the website etc..

You have to concentrate on each and every aspect of your website to make it more optimizing for speed.

Changing web Icons will also help you to lessen your load time. If your user does not have a proper internet connection then the icons in your website may disappear or look like a plain square box. This makes your user get frustrated and get out of your site. Make your web Icons weigh less in your site to reduce your load time.

Using chosen icons (subset) and not stocks(every icon from one stock) on your webpage may lead to lower weightage of assets on your page and easy download for your user. Spending more time on adding subset icons each and every time when it’s necessary, is not a waste of time.This makes a big difference on your user experience. Icomoon application helps you to choose only the necessary icons and group them and extract them with useful extensions like .svg, .otf, .woff2 etc. This tool will also help you to modify icons, change its name, change margin and scale and even colour.

The downloaded group of icons consist of our chosen fronts and also additional files like demo HTML, ready to use JavaScript, and CSS file. Fontello is another similar application with a great free to use service that allows users to create icon images from vector images.

This is not a big topic to discuss but it will help many websites to reduce their load time and make user experience Better. Using subset icons every time consumes more time than using stock icons but it will be more beneficial further. Make sure you make your website better in every way. Your time and sincerity towards your website will make your clients or customers grateful.



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